Meet Dwan

Dwan AKA @mommadjane is a mom of three children. Ages 11, 7 and 2. She spends her days juggling three children, including one with disabilities while trying to earn a living from home. Dwan enjoys blogging, helping others and networking daily on Facebook.

To learn more about Dwan you can visit her blog, MommaDJane: Climbing the Ladder to Success One Broken Step at a Time.

Meet Brandy

Brandy AKA @brandyellen is a mom of three children. Ages 6, 2 and under 1. She spends her days blogging, completing virtual assistant services and talking to Dwan. Brandy enjoys using her Wii console to get fit with EA Sports Active as well as the Wii Fit.

To learn more about Brandy you can visit her blog, Happily Blended.

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