The Countdown Begins

The countdown begins for Dwan Perrin AKA @MommaDJane who is going to finally meet her best virtual friend, Brandy Tanner AKA @brandyellen. Dwan will be flying in July to meet Brandy for the FIRST time. Two best friends who have never seen each other, never been able to give a hug, or a helping hand with kids when times are bad. Supporting each other virtually Dwan and Brandy have formed a special bond that can not be broken.

They support each other in their blogs and business. Dwan writes at MommaDJane: Climbing the Ladder to Success and owns A Child Writes. Brandy writes at Happily Blended and owns Brandy Ellen's Business Solutions. Each Mom helps each other daily through networking online and skype conversations, sharing their secrets with each other, their knowledge and support each other on those "off days" virtually. They are truly two best friends, with one exception they support each other through phone conversations and the internet rather than face to a face girls night out. Dwan and Brandy were recently featured on Why Moms Matter Blog Talk Radio Show, because, without knowing it, they nominated each other!

As a way to share the excitement of these two moms meeting for the FIRST time, they have used their creative minds to come up with a 30 day Giveaway Countdown. Every day Dwan and Brandy will feature a giveaway on their blogs, each taking a turn. As a final giveaway, Dwan and Brandy will have a grand prize basket where the winner will be drawn out of a hat in NH recorded via The Flip video camera and uploaded to YouTube,, and

Are you ready to participate? Do you have a product you would like to donate as part of our countdown from TX to NH giveaway bash? Do you have a special prize you would like to donate as part of the HUGE final giveaway?

We are looking for products, gas money, girls night out money and more. If you are interested in being a sponsor via advertising, donating a product for the 30 days of giveaways or grand giveaway prize basket please contact us.

Donations Appreciated!! Donations go towards website maintenance, giveaway listings & promotion as well as for our girls night out. Thank you in advance!